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Mystic booths use touch-free, spray-on techniques utilizing its patented MagneTan™ technology, which polarizes the Tanning Myst™ and SkinSpa™ products and uses the body’s own magnetic properties to evenly attract micro-myst particles to every exposed surface of the skin. When using Mystic Tan Tanning Myst™ the result is an an even, natural-looking tan that lasts about a week or more.


Single Sessions / Packages

1 Spray Session – $25

2 Spray Sessions - $40.00

5 Spray Sessions – $80.00

10 Spray Sessions – $150.00

COCKTAILS – Mix it up!
1 Magic 636 UV High Pressure Tanning Bed & 1 Mystic Spray session – $40

Mystic Tan is the premier leader in UV-free tanning and spray-on skincare services.

For best results before getting sprayed you should:

Shave / Exfoliate / Moisturize with a lotion that doesn’t contain any oils / wear loose clothing and wait at least 4 hours after you are sprayed to shower.